Guys, does he like me or just as a friend?

He's a nice guy, and he has said he liked before but I don't know if he's still into me or if he just sees me as a friend now.
We probably both message first equally and we talk most days.
He sent me a suggestive picture on snapchat last night and messaged me this morning asking if he sent me anything embarrassing.
My reply: no you're fine. Anyway it's no secret you want me so you really can't surprise me 😋
Him: haha bit of confidence you have there
me: lol am I wrong?
Him: I can neither confirm nor deny the accusation

I can't tell if he's just being nice or if he's actually into me. I'd rather know so I know if I should treat him as just a friend or not.


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  • I'm sure he likes you; he's probably just trying to make you laugh.


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