Was I in the wrong?

I dated a girl that seemed argumentative, but now looking back at it I am wondering was I wrong? While dating we would always talk, and one day I told her about how my friends and I were having coffee with a girl I knew. At the end of the conversation this guy I knew exclaimed "Wow! You guys are smart!" This girl that I was having coffee with then piped up, and asked him what he meant by "you guys" (clearly he meant the entire group of people at the table). She then went on a rant about how hard women had and continue to have it, and that we will never know what it's like to be a woman.

So I said "and you will never know what it is like to be a man so drop it", and she stormed off! So I told this girl I was dating about it, and it seemed as though she was defending this woman that attacked someone over a simple stipulation! My point was that if something offends you there is a proper way of "educating" someone, and the way this mean woman at coffee shop did it in an inappropriate fashion!

A couple weeks later we were talking and I complained about having facial hair and how shaving it sucks (I have sensitive facial skin). She then said how shaving you legs is a billion times worse. Jokingly I said "I don't know about that. How about you shave your face and I'll shave my legs and we'll compare?" She seemd to get offended about this, but I brushed it off. We were then talking about video games for some reason and I asked her if played any. She said she didn't, and I said "I guess that makes sense, I feel like it's more of a guy thing anyway." She got offened again, but what I meant was that more men play video games then girls! Later we heard this song, I commented about how it was everywhere and kind of catchy. She said the song sucks and how she hated it. So I just had enough, so said "I feel like you're being arugmentative", and we parted ways.

My question is was I in the wrong? Should I have chosen better words around this girl? She seemed like a very sensitive person, and maybe my word choices were poor, but I don't know! Me and her were really good friends now I feel like she hates me! Advice?


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  • You didn't really do anything wrong. She was being argumentative. The only thing you could've done is just ask her if she's okay. Sometimes girls need guys to take the motion to ask them how they're feeling and are waiting for them.

    • well she's avoiding me now. And her friends just glare at me!

    • so what should I go?

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  • Every one of those examples you have clearly said something inappropriate. I know you meant well, but it came out wrong and I can totally see why she hates you. Its sounds like you are being sexist and being an insensitive prick. I dont know what you are actually like, but this is what you sound like from the comments that you hve been giving these girls. Sure maybe the girls may have behaved in an inappropriate manner, but don't follow in their footsteps by being a jerk.

    • cool thank you i will apologize, thanks!

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  • I don't think u did anything wrong. But everyone reacts in their own way u seem like u stand up for what u believe in there is nothing wrong with that


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