Im dating this boy but I think he is jelous... can I have an opinion?

There is this boy that I am dating and i think he is jelous... Well I was going to a social event woth 3 of my friend 2 boys and 2 girls altogther and he asked me what i was doing and I said just with my friend and i sent him a picture and it was with the boys in and he just left for a while and i think he is jelous as he cancled us meeting up this weekend... I think that he think that I am cheating on him with one of these boys but Im not. I don't think i want to stay with him if he doesn't trust me... Has anyone got an idea what i should do? Is he jelous of my guy friends?


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  • you sound like a slut i think his fears are not ungrounded.

    • what leads you to think Im a slut?

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    • well if they are hotter than him its normal to worry. the fact that they have befriended you indicates that they probably like you as well.

    • okay I didn't think he might think they are hotter than him thank you

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