Are these sign he's a cheater?

I met him online. We met up and I was immediately lusting, he was charming and great conversations were held. We have met a few times now, we went out Thursday and had a great time, he even cancelled work the next day to see me again.

But... When he "cancelled work" he went to speak in private and came back saying, "it's all sorted. I don't have to work til Tuesday." Anyway we went out and I noticed him perving at other people. Today was Friday, I saw him again and he said, "I can only stay til 4pm since I have my regular workshift" when yesterday he said he didn't have to work til Tuesday.

I text him around 4pm and asked him if he got to "work" ok. He text me back at 11pm and only said "gnite." I'm thinking he was going on another date with another person. He also never likes phone calls and sometimes goes missing and takes long to reply to texts or is vague.


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  • I mean, it's not 100% sure that he's cheating, but I'd be suspicious in that case. Even if he wasn't cheating, he still lied to you about going to work when he wasn't which isn't a good thing regardless.

  • Yes, he's cheating g. When he went to speak in private, he could have been talking to anyone, including another woman to make plans for Friday. If he was truly into you, he wouldn't have been perving on other women in your presence. The huge lapse between texts and vagueness all indicate that he is hiding things from you. There's no harm done, just move on.

    • Thank you, that is so true! I genuinely liked the "pretend" him, but since the real him is a player, I will move on.

    • Yep! And it's good you were astute enough to pick up on it like you did 🙂

    • Thank you :)

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