Does he not care?

I'm currently going through some stuff with my sister atm. I opened up to my boyfriend about it and I've told him that I miss her and how things have changed between my sister and I. My boyfriend and i have been together for a year and a half. So when I told him he listened and all I know he wants me to mend things with my sister. But after that I replied back and he literally just read and ignored my message. He didn't ask me how I was feeling or anything of the sort. I feel like whenever I'm going through something he just doesn't care because he never actually asks me if I'm okay. Or how I'm dealing with it. Yet he wants me to be open with him and tell him what's going on. He claims to love me but sometimes has a hard time showing it.


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  • He just doesn't know how to respond.

    • You sure? I mean why can't he just say it to me? Instead of like reading and not reply in or whatever. It kinda makes me feel like he doesn't really care. When I bring it up with him he says he does care and he's trying his best to show me he loves me and that he hopes that however much he is doing is enough for me. Obviously I love him so it's something I deal with

    • Based on your description, yes I am sure that he doesn't know how to give the right response when you are in this predicament.

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