Is it normal for someone you have just met to call you everyday?

I met a guy on Wednesday and he gave me his number. I got in contact with him on Thursday, he said I had woken him up and asked if he could me back. Less than a minute later he called me back and we spoke on the phone for like 2 mins, he asked if I had whatsapp, ended the phone conversation and messaged me. About an hour later he called me again, but I was busy so I messaged him. I found it really weird since we had just gotten off the phone. I asked what he was doing and he said he wasn't doing anything the first time we spoke on the phone. Yesterday he called me in the evening, I was having a nap and texted him when I woke up.

sooo as the title says... is this the norm?


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  • No creaper alert


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  • He is just excited. Give the guy a break. Let him know he doesn't need to text you every damn hour and for that matter every day. If he doesn't stop, then ignore him.

    • He was a creep lol. Had to cut him off.

    • Oh, haha. Just noticed this post was 2 months old. Why Gag do this to me? lol. Well, shit. Now I want to know. Why was he a creep? Girls use this term very loosely these days. I think it's TV doing this :)

  • no!! its more than normal


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