Is she being manipulative?

So this girl in work with is pretty hot and she knows it I think. We have been paired up on a project together but I feel like she plays all sorts of weird games and I'm like "is this all in my head?"

She is a fairly confrontational person but her and I like fight/debate all the time. The first time we had to travel together it was up and down. We'd be friends minute enemies the next. She is touchy feely i saw her touch my bud in front of me once but she will like bump my leg or foot under the table, or touch my leg when we are sitting next to each other. Or accidentally bump me. We got in a debate late one night at dinner while we were traveling. We took the elevator up to our rooms and she stopped in front of my room and we continued talking for like 10 mins outside my door. I finally said I have to pee we can continue and walked into my room and she kindnof hesitated then said we can talk tomorrow.

We were staying in Iowa and I skyped her after dinner and said "it's creeping me out my room over looks corn fields" and she says "my room is on the first floor overlooking the parking lot it's freaky".

So we had a fun time traveling home making each other laugh sitting next to me on airplane. We split dinner together. She made comments about me looking at other girls.

So so now since we've been back she acts weird. Like she denies meeting invites I send through outlook. I've traveled twice now for this project and she hasn't joined the last two times. The first time she tried to get me to Change last minute and I refused. This time I made arrangements kept her in the loop. Then she called two days before and asks when I'm going and in my head I'm like you already know. Then she says have a nice trip and I'm pissed off. It's like now she's causing problems on my work project and I don't get her. We met a few weeks ago me her and her boss and she stayed after the meeting with me to plan travel and was all about going on the trip. We stayed after talking and laughing so I know she likes my company. But then she acts aloof weird and like bitchy or something. I didn't like beg her to come with, I'm sorry! Lol

Is she like manipulative or something?
So we've continued to butt heads and communication is horrible. We met yesterday with her boss and she walks in and sits down without saying a thing. I'm to the point where I can't stand her but she still does stuff like bumps my leg with hers under the table. She did it again yesterday, is this an attention thing? Trying to reel me back in? She emails me a cutie email and I'm like ya right? This woman is bizarre what's her deal?


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  • Meet the push, pull girl mental chess game. This is the like the 2.0 "bitch" version. She will show you interest to pull you in but the second you do she goes bitch mode to push you away. I personally never do mind games to this level as I think it's unnecessary. Most people who do this have a reason. It could be a fear of getting close, testing the waters to see your reaction, confused as to whether or not they have "true" feelings (maybe not your case since you just met), or she just might enjoy the chase and seeing someone "suffer" (which is a bitch in true form), she may also not realize you are genuinely interested in and and thinks you are after a sexual encounter. Be whatever the reason, it's there. If you wish to still try be patient, go slow and show her your good qualities. If after a few months she doesn't tone it down or at least change the game, move on she is in it for attention.

    • That's what I thought too but I'm like damn that's crazy as hell!

      She's married by the way...

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    • Oh lol, that she is married. She might like you and doesn't want to indulge that while working with.

    • Thanks but that doesn't explain her bitchy attitude sterno trouble

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  • There is definitely sexual tension between you two. Thus, she is pulling back and trying to avoid you as much as she can because she realizes this fact. If you and her continued the friend/ enemy thing, it would have led to sex and complications.

    • Think so? What is the whole friend/enemy thing?

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    • She's married by the way. But I don't get why she is acting so like weird. Like not working well with me on this project? That's really all I care about now.

    • Just keep it professional, and it will be fine. Just stick to conversations about the project.

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  • Just go to her office when she has questions instead of calling. Then she can't screen your calls.

    • Good point. What do you think her problem is?

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    • Dude down there thinks she playing me, you think?

    • Honestly, I have no idea. It's not like women have a hive mind we can tap into and know someone else's intentions.

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  • So whats your question again?

    • Sorry what do you think her problem is?

  • Calling someone a bitch makes you an asshole...

    • Did you read my text? Dude she's a huge batch and I don't get what her problem is?

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    • Lol it messes with me, sometimes I hate her and sometimes it makes me hate her but want to fuck her at the same time :p

    • Get your head straight. Im out.

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