Guys, Why do you blow hot and cold on a girl?

One minute he's telling his deepest secrets, things are going great and then goes quiet for a few days. Less communication but still wants to meet up and hang out..


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  • Do you want wild guesses? You gotta give people more to go on than that.

    • He has down a lot of interest, asking if I would go travelling with him, talking about restaurants to take me to, places to go, asks when we I'm free to hang out, maybe stay over, have a nice night in.
      We haven't seen eachother for a while as he's busy.. The communication has got less.. He doesn't say what's up like he usually does, doesn't message as much, says he's stressed and thinking about a few things.
      I don't know if he is ready for a commitment yet so I'm trying I take it slow.. I want to ask him where he is at without sounding as though I'm pressuring him into anything.

  • Maybe he's just keeping you on your toes and doesn't want to sound desperate


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