How can I take things to the next level with this guy?

So there's this guy who is a friend of a friend. I see him around campus for about 3 years now. He always says hi to my friend and they chat a little, but I was always more on the background and never was oficially introduced to him. It was a situation where we knew each other but we never actually talked. Now, my friend finally introduced me to him in a very casual way, we didn't have time to talk but we said hi to each other. He added me on facebook and started to like my posts and pictures, and I liked his. But now this doesn't go anywhere. I see him all the time but we only say hi and nothing else because each of us is going to a different class.

So what should I do? How can I signal to him that I am interested in a friendship and maybe more?
This is so weird... because it's like we are just supposed to say hi because we have a mutual friend but nothing else.


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  • What about ask him how his classes are going? And see if a conversation starts from there?

    • But should I ask it on facebook? Or in person?
      Every single time I see him I am usually with my friend (the mutual friend), wouldn't that be awkward?

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    • Yeah... I don't know. I just feel that if he wanted, he would talk. But at the same time the other day we said hi my friend told me that he was being shy and that he's not usually that way... Am I overthinking this? lol

    • Haha yup! For sure over thinking :D I think that if you talk to him and he's willing to talk with you then it should be fine!

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