What should I do about this guy situation?

There is this guy, since middle school every1 says we would be the best couple. We talked on and off going into HS. We were a thing, then toward the end of summer this girl jumped on him. I knew he didn't really care about her but she fucked him and stuff. (she now is my bff) they are over and he doesn't care about her but I don't know if she likes him. He talks to me and I honestly liked him that whole time he talked to that other girl. Should I go for him even though it's my best friends X technically
*** we were a thing, then this girl (me and her weren't really friends at the time) became obsessed with him. So I told him to go for her, and he did but kind of used her to fuck her. Now he doesn't talk to her.
Now that girl is one of my best friends ^


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  • You just said you two were a thing when he screwed your now best friend? That right there sounds like he may not be very faithful in a relationship to me.

    • No, we were a thing but this girl was obsessed with him. And I basically told him to go for her instead of me (idk why) and they fucked lol

    • Well if you were a thing and you said that then it communicates one of two ways for me:
      1, he may not think you're that into him so he went for it.
      2, he's not that into you so when you suggested it instead of saying no because he liked you, he went for it.
      Either way none of them look too great :/

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