Should I leave my boyfriend for calling me 'high maintenance'?

When he was talking to one of my best friends, my boyfriend called me high maintenance and my bestie told me about it. She was really confused as to why he would think that and to be honest, so am I. Looking back, I don't think I've been too clingy or needy and he has spent very little money on me. In fact, I don't like it when he does buy me food or something like that because it is coming out of his hard earned money that I want him to keep for himself.

Yes, my boyfriend has always been very generous in his praise of me and sent me goodnight message nearly every night but I never meant that this was an expectation. Sometimes, his beautifully written, several hundred word long goodnight messages worry me a lot because I'm not good with words and so don't know how to reply. I try very hard to never give him a whole bunch of girly crap, separating very much the problems with friends and school from my time with him.

With all this said (thank you for reading this far), should I leave him? Honestly, I'm quite offended with what he said and for some time I've thought we aren't really working out. Our relationship is becoming more a thing of stress and one more thing for me to remember instead of something fun and enjoyable.


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  • Confront him about what he said. But it sounds like you already don't like this guy to begin with soooo...

  • I think you've answered your question already.


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