What is your reaction if you are on a date and it is so bad that you just get up and walk out the restaurant?

i was on a date with this guy and he was not treating me right he didn't hug me or show affection when seeing me, he didn't tell me i look nice, i dressed up extra sexy for him, he was bizarre embarassing me acting like a moron the restaurant people were staring at us and he wasn't even dressed nice, and he was on his phone talking to another man and i even asked if he wanted to go somewhere else we didn't have to stay there and he said no he wanted to stay, he tried to sneak in booze from outside he brought, i told him to knock it off he was embarassing if he wanted to go to a bar we couldve gone there why bring outside bought liquor, and then he tells another man on the phone that he can come join us in the restaurant... i was so freaked out i grabbed my purse and walked out. he called me after and i didn't pick up. he didn't even feel any shame or apologize. i just can't make sense of this. why would someone be like this?

do you have a bad date story?


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  • He was probably just an asshole!

    On a date I went with this socially awkward woman. I asked her what he profession was and she wouldn't tell. So i lightly pressed the subject forward, and said "C'mon what is you profession?" She told me to STFU so I got my shit and left. Paid for my stuff and peaked out. Fuck that. She then texted me apologizing for her behaviour. I told her it was okay and she didn't need to apologize, she then said "Well I did, so there!" So i just left it at that!

    • wow she sounds like she has issues... she needs therapy. you did the right thing by leaving.

      i was seeing this guy for a month, and in previous dates he was fine so i dont know what happned this time and the fact that he didn't even apologize shows what kind of character he has. i dont get how someone acts like that in a public restaurant.

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    • people are so weird...

      do u think this guy didn't like me at all? we dated many times in a month and we even got intimate and it was passionate and for him to be like that in a restaurant is disgusting he didn't even fight for me much like chase me he did call but i didn't pick up cause i have the right to be mad

    • people will reveal who they really are as time continues. People act like one person, and as time goes on they slip up and reveal who they really are. This also happens when people move in together kinda sucks that you invest a year or 6months into that relationship to find out they're a twat! Count yourself lucky!

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