Should I ask her out twice?

My friends pressured me to ask out this girl after we've been talking for about 4 days. I knew it hasn't been long enough but they've both have had a ton of gfs so I said why not. I asked her out at the end of the day and all of her friends were in a circle around us and she said yes and we hugged and so on. But later that day we were texting and she said she needed time to think if she really wanted this. And we decided that if we were gonna date we need to wait a while so we can have actual feeling for each other. So how long should I wait before I ask her out again? Please help.
Should I ask her out twice?

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What Girls Said 1

  • First of all your friends and people around you are not you. They can tell you anything, whether its good or bad to them its just words but to your the one that has to put it into action. You said it yourself that its only been about 4 days since you've spoken.. so you knew you were unsure whether or not to go for it. Never feel pressurised to do something your not sure about.
    On the other hand sometimes having that little push from friends around isn't so bad. After all you kinda wanted it to happen anyway and your friends knew that too. I bet you feel a bit more confidant in yourself now.. :) You mentioned having a circle of people over looking what was going on when you asked her out and that sounds to be quite a daunting situation to be in, especially when asking someone out. Maybe she also felt pressured over being overlooked by her friends. At least after that she told you herself alone that she isn't sure about things. Forget what happened in the playground and listen to what she's saying when she's messaging you.
    Its not a case of how long should you wait in terms of weeks, dating someone shouldn't be like that it should happen naturally. Your worrying about this way too much instead of just seeing how things go. Worrying and over thinking can change the way you talk to someone because subconsciously your over thinking everything thats being said and your not being yourself as much. Doing this can put pressure on her too and nobody likes to feel like that. Let her know that there's no rush (your still so young) and you have plenty of time to hang out and get to know one another. As long as your both interested with no pressure to put a label of gf/bf then things should run quite smoothly. Its all down to communication, let her know your interested and that you respect the way she feels. You can't make someone jump into your arms so quickly, it takes time to have someone open up and consider dating if their a little unsure. doesn't mean she dont like you, she wouldn't have said yes in the first place if she didn't.
    See how things go, take it easy there's no rush...

    • Thank you for helping, I'll just let it happen and be more confident around her.

    • Your welcome. Just be yourself, nothing is more attractive than that, it shows confidence in itself.

What Guys Said 1

  • give it a week and if after that she doesn't give a clear answer don't ask anymore


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