When will a player give up?

Suppose you want to play a girl and have sex with her.
She plays hard to get, but is fun to be around. You don't get really bored from hanging out with her, but you're mostly interested in playing "the game".
After which date will you give up if she's still not willing to have sex?

(a guy is playing me and saying he'll be after me as long as I want, and asking me why I don't believe he's actually into me. So I want to know how long it'll take him to give up if he's just after sex)


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  • Had sex with many women, never seen any need to play. You indicate your interest in a confident, direct, respectful manner and she says 'yes' or 'no'

    very simple

    • I told him I don't want casual sex but he saw on my okcupid I'm kinky and I like teasing people, so he's playing the game. I don't mind it, but I'm curious how long it'll last...

    • i guess till both of you get bored with it

    • Once again there is a degree of maturity here that is nonexistent

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  • I'll throw an answer out and say 4th to 6 times. The point is when he you to dump him your over 30 have some maturity

    • aren't you sweet?

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    • I have danced for 6 years. When I was in college it was far more often than now in graduate school. Now perhaps 2 times a month. They are all players at places like that. It gives you a sharp sense of reality. You learn to key in on attitude and not what men say and how they say and in what context. I will give you an example that is blatant – whatever you are talking about, somehow it turns around to sex. They subtly do it. Until you get the hang of it you always question is it? Is it not? ("I really like chopped grilled onions mixed in the stuffing my mother makes for Thanksgiving."
      Player – I thought we were talking about how beautiful a turkey like you is

    • yeah i know! I don't trust the guy at all. I think the game is amusing, but i don't really like this type of thing.

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