Telling him I still love him? Should I or shouldn't I?

The guy I'm seeing life took a tramactic turn in the beginning of this year and it kinda effect the on going of our relationship, reason being is we were on the verge of a committed relationship. In the beginning of this year he lost his business and that took a toll on him financially. Then recently he lost him best friend and couple of friends. He's been extremely distant and told me he's just not here mentally and stressed out and don't really care about nothing right now besides getting his mental together. The hurt me hearing him say that because I'm really in love with him and have been by his side through the good and definitely the bad, he told me he didn't want to lead me on as well and I'm thinking to myself how could he say that when he still tells me he love and care for me still. I had asked for him to come see me and he's like he'll try. I then thought about it and thought maybe it will be a bad idea if he came to see me being as though he just told me he don't want to lead me on. I told him that and he never responded. It's been a week since then, and I'm just worried about him even though he said what he said to me I still love him, he's my first everything and in a sense I don't want to it to feel like I've adbandon him. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Is it ok I feel this way? Should I send a text just saying "I still love you" or send nothing


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  • Weigh the odds. Then decide if u want to take the risk or not.

    • I have been since yesterday, I do want to tell him BUT I don't know what his response will be and if it'll hurt me or not

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    • yea, but that was before.

    • :( then I don't know what to say

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