Why would a girl say "you're very attractive, but you aren't my type"?

So i met this girl online and we exchanged maybe like 4 messages before she dissappeared. A week later i asked her if i did something wrong and she said "you're very attractive, just not my type... good luck:)". One, if i am very attractive to her, why would she be swaying me? Two, its not like we met in person or even engaged in extensive conversation because i guess 4 messages is all it takes for a woman to make up her mind. Im curious as to whether there is an underlying message with this? Im confused because my logic is failing me. Should i be illogical when thinking about this or is what she said true?


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  • Maybe she already likes someone else, or you're just not her type for some reason.

    • I wish i could read minds. I guess what would make sense is she probably likes someone else. Im sure she gets bombarded with messages

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    • You're a great looking guy and I'm sure you've got a great personality to match. I would be shocked if you don't find someone really soon. :) you always find the right person when you're least expecting it

    • Thanks:) I really hope so!

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  • She's just not interested, and she doesn't want to come across as rude.

    • But when girls aren't interested, they usually ignore you all together

    • Not always. It depends on the girl.

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  • Looks aren't everything you know?

    • Thats true, but she didn't know my personality which means it has to be about looks initially. Then again that's still confusing because she said i was attractive. No way she could have gained a perspective of me by me asking about her

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    • Yeah the classic line of "there is someone for everyone"

    • Hey, classic but true

  • I think she rejected you in a polite way she didn't want to be rude.


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