Did I say the wrong thing?

My boyfriend lost his game last night. And I waited until this morning until I said something. I texted him you're the best lb I know, he said just thanks, then I said keep your head up, are you okay? And he ignored me? Did I say something wrong :(


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  • It's open to interpretation, however, that was a supportive comment so he's just probably really into football. Give it a week so he can get over it.

    • Open to interpretation how? But thanks

  • If he was playing in the game and didn't feel like he performed well, he probably feels emasculated and might be losing confidence in himself. Guys need to feel significant and important, and often not just in a "you're the best I know" way. He will eventually get back to his normal level, but if there's some way in which you can make him feel significant - like asking him for help with something (helping you will make him feel like you really think he is useful). This can also be done via sex, by the way - by making him feel like you want him really bad.


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