Should I go out with him or not?

well I met a guy in an online dating site and we went out twice. The third time I asked him out and he said ok. He cancelled the date in the last second and I lost about $100 because I made some reservations. He did not even apologize nicely even he knows I wasted a lot of money. After he canceled that date, he disappeared for a week and last night he texted me saying he wants to see me.
What do you guys think? should I ignore him or go out?
I really do not understand how guys think sometimes so I need advice and thank you all!


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  • Sounds like he thought he had something "better" and now is crawling back. Maybe not, but that's the vibe I get.

    If a guy completely disappears and completely cuts all communication, then randomly re-appears, I'd say the majority of the time it's because he pursued someone else and it didn't work out. Now he's wanting to just pick you up off the back burner as though you should sit around and wait for him indefinitely.

    The guy sounds like a jackass. Don't waste your time on him. You deserve better.

    • thank you for the advice. He texted me again today saying come over! It was rude the way how he said it. I said I can't, lets meet for dinner then he didn't respond.

    • You have far more value than that. Find a badass dude that will put you first :)

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  • I suppose it's better if you just forget about him. Wasting your 100 dollars, and then brushing it off, is certainly NOT appropriate behavior.

    • Yeah I felt horrible last week when he canceled the date. He even did not text me to say he could not make it. I'm the one who texted asking if he was coming then he just no!

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    • Ok.. thank you for the advice

    • You're most welcome! Make sure you don't le anyone take you for granted! :)

  • Nope, ignore him.


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  • I wouldn't. That's terribly disrespectful. Just ignore him. If he was really interested in you, he wouldn't treat you that way.

    I understand that things happen and sometimes you have to bail on plans, but not even apologizing for standing someone up is unforgivable. The pinnacle of bad manners, in my opinion. I do not stand for bad manners in the slightest.

  • Ignore him. He should you his true self already. It's down hill from there. Consider yourself lucky.

    • he calls and texts a lot since I ignored him. why do you think is that happening?

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    • Your opininon was really helpful. Thank you so much!

    • My pleasure. Good luck to tou❤️

  • ignore his ass.

  • I couldn't' date a guy who didn't share the same values as me. If I let a guy down for our date, I would sincerely apologise and insist we split the cost of the reservation.

    I would never spend that amount of money on any guy who I had only been on a date with twice. If he is willing to let you , then that sums up his true character.

    I am a kind person but I am no pushover. You have to set boundaries at the beginning of a potential relationship, so you can't be taken advantage of. You could be setting yourself up to be taken advantage of, so I would hold back from going out of your way for him until you know him more... as a person. It is naive to trust someone you hardly know.

    • I know it sounds silly but I like to have fun and really good dates. I did paid because he paid for our first dates. However, I know he is a jerk now and doesn't worth my time,

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