Why was he staring at us?

Went out with my crush tonight. Met few of my closest friends and one of my good friend brought his friend who is a white guy. Im Asian and the guy im close to is white. Long story short we had couple of drinks and we were kissing amd this foreigners was looking at us constantly. He had been looking at me since i first came, but then after we sit he was looking at us constantly. Why is this?


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  • Interracial couples still make people uneasy. :-P

    • The dude who was looking is white and all my friends are cool with it, like they dont stare at all. Like srsly he's the only one whos looking at us -__-"

    • The dude may be jealous and want to make out with you!

    • Thats what the guy im close to said! Ha!

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  • I'm guessing he was attracted to you.

    • Yea thats what this dude im close to told me but dont you think its a bit rude if you do that constantly?

    • Yes and creepy. If it were me, i'd look at him and say "hi, can I help you with something" nicely but inquisitively.

    • I usually say that to people but I don't know i think would just make the situation awkward if i say that knowing he's my good friends friend.

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  • I don't know tbh, what do you look like? Can I get a pic? I'll let you know why he was staring tbh.

    • Im not anon anymore just for the sake of this cause im really curious.

      I meant i dont think im ugly but im not pretty either. So I don't know i think im average thats why i don't understand why's he staring.

    • Listen I don't know let me add you on kik? We can talk more..

    • Hey?

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