Holding a girls hand?

Third date, im taking a girl to a formal event at my professional school.

I want to hold her hand this evening, and if possible, kiss her.

Is it too assertive if i straight up reach out for her hand? I dont mean grabbing it completley, but reaching out so that she may reach out and grab it if she wishes.

I wanted to do this as we entered the formal.

I dont know if that would put too much pressure on her.



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  • Hold out your hand, and see if she rests hers in your hand.

    My sister did that and the guy twirled her.

    • twirled her?

    • After she rested her hand on his , he kind of held her hand and circled her or twriled her, like dancing.. except he was standing on the same spot, they weren't close, only she twriled once and he said she looked really nice in her dress.

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  • You are at least 25 and getting worked up over hand holding? What the hell did you do on your first two dates?

    • Talked to her like a human

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    • Without any physical contact? It is a hand, not her crotch.

    • Ah, fair enough. I did not mean to be a dick about it so much as wondering about why you are so nervous about a relatively insignificant thing. Unless she is is the Dom in a dom/relationship most girls tend to like a guy with more confidence. Hold her hand put your hand on her waist or her lumbar area. Give her a hug when you first see her again and a kiss on the cheek if you are not ready to go for her lips. Just keep in mind that she has the right to say no to anything. Her body, her rules.

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  • Of course you can do that :) she will like it! and you can always kiss her forehead to test the waters first before going in for a lip kiss


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