Guys, Why does he do this?

I've been sleeping with a guy for a year.. he's in a relationship with a man.. his first ever... he's said constantly he doesn't have feelings for him anymore he's also always said he doesn't have feelings for me. He started changing the way he talked to me and treated me which was wonderful and then last week we had a fight... yesterday/ last night was the first time i seen him in a week. I went over to talk becaude we agreed no more sex... he didn't want to anymore. So.. we talk he tells me it stresses him how i have feelings and he isn't looking for a relationship and he's tryjng to work on his now and and i understood. He told me he missed me over the last week nit talking but he just needed time. So we hot the talk over with and i went to grab my drink and i came back.. we did shots and then i went to pee and he came iver and we started making out and we ended up having sex. Then he td me he felt guilty and so on... we slept in separate rooms and he drive me home this morning and told me again we can't sleep together anymore... why tell me he doesn't want to then seduce me last night.. he wasn't drunk...


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What Guys Said 1

  • Simple answer... he was horny.

    Now why are you having a relationship with a guy that is already in a relationship?
    Why are you having sex with a guy having sex with other men? (Group most likely to have STDs)


What Girls Said 1

  • First off why would you be sleeping with someone who is already in a relationship? That's a no no. Second he's probably just taking advantage of the fact you're there and willing. Stop associating with him because it's only going to lead to problems and broken hearts.


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