I'm starting to like the guy my best friend does? PLEASE HELP?

Me and this kid have been on and off for over three years now. This summer he recently just started talking to my best friend and by talking I mean they almost dated. Things happened and they stopped. For the past two months he has been trying to convince me to talk to him and see where things go between us but I'm scared of what my friend thinks and I don't know if I fully trust him. Last night at a party they got really drunk and hooked up. He then started puking and got really embarrassed so I helped him. I got him water, rubbed his back, and everything. When he was finished he grabbed my face and said he was sorry and he swears on everything it meant nothing to him. I let it go and that night he slept above me on the couch while I was on the floor with my friend and we held hands and fell asleep holding hands. My friend though kept saying comments throughout the night talking about how much she fucked up in the summer and how good he looks so now I'm completely lost. I don't know if she meant it or she was just being a stupid drunk. I don't know what to do but I've liked this kid for a long time and I can't blame her for hooking up with him because she never knew. I don't know what to do. I'm scared she's going to get pissed if I tell her but I feel like I need to. I went to start a relationship with the guy too but my minds going everywhere. I'm so lost and need some type of advice on what to do and how to solve this.


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  • You should blow him


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