Should I pursue her or just be friends?

So I met this girl last year around this time and I was interested but things started off bad so we just decided to be friends. I've always had a crush on her and a couple days I told her how I felt and if our friendship can be more. She said , "I could see us dating but I like when guys are romantic and all that and I know ur not like that at all" I'm really not like that but I will do things like that for her to make her smile. She is a bit stubborn at times but I am willing to try it out at least. She also said she could never tell I liked her by the way I acted around her and I only do that because I didn't know how she felt and didn't want to make her uncomfortable. Should I go for it? Also what are some things I can do to be romantic and do things to get things rolling?


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  • Yeah, go for it and see if she agrees to date you. If she does, then you can try being more romantic. But if she rejects you outright, then better let go.


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  • So you're saying its the man's job to "pursue women" ?

    You are contributing to the oppression of men and are the ENEMY of true gender equality.

  • I see you playa lol for starters buy her some flowers. take her out. hold her hand and stare her deeply in the eyes. get close to her caress her face and kiss her.


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