Is it normal for guys to read a girlfriend message, but not find a time to reply? if it takes literally 1 minute?

Just quick word 'thanks' after some compliment or just reply when im asking smthg. Do guys really dont care to text back and dont make its a big deal like girls do
I dont want to look clingy or desperate about it, but sometimes it happens and it makes me thinking if i done smthg wrong


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  • I personally wouldn't do that. I mean... reading a text and not replying to it. If I were THAT busy, I would keep off reading the text until I was free enough to reply.

    • I agree the best way is to not read. So im just kinda wondering if he just dont cares about texting or dont cares about my feelings :/

    • It could be one, or both those reasons you specified. I just don't understand why people play around with others' feelings and emotions. It's juts wrong. I would never do such a thing, even if it is something trivial like texting.

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  • If it is really necessary to not reply, like there's something urgent or at least feel urgent, then I kinda will need to leave it. Then i'll find myself forgetting it and will only reply the next time I see it.

  • Sometimes I don't feel a text warrants a response.
    Other times I'm in the middle of something, read it and deem it less important than what I'm doing.
    Sometimes I just want silence and restfulness and not to here my phone going off every couple of minutes, so I don't respond.
    Sometimes I just think it's nonsense that I have no interest in.

  • Depends if he actually read it yet. I get texted a lot at work and sometimes don't get a chance to read it for a couple hours depending on what my day brings.


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