What are your opinions on a 20 year old guy dating a 16 year old girl?

Hello everyone, I'd like your thoughts on this.

I'm a 20 year old college guy and there's a 16 year old girl who sits in front of me in one of my classes. (BTW I still live at home & go to a regional campus to save money, which is also where many high school students go to get college credit).

In the first two months of the semester I didn't really talk to her because I figured she was young, and last class I decided to just talk to her and get her number. I'm not the type of guy who asks high school girls for their number but since she sits next to me and seems to have a good personality I figured I'd get to know her a little better.

The past few days we've been texting a lot and have similar interests, things in common, and seem to connect very well.

A couple things about her: She's technically a 16 year old high school junior but takes all her classes at the local campus. She plays softball and started as pitcher as a sophomore while getting on her conference's first team for postseason awards. She's trying to get a softball scholarship and has been to a few recruitment type camps to do so. Being a former high school athlete, I thought it was pretty mature of her to be doing that stuff at her age and understood the importance of it. I saw from this, and a couple other things that she has goals in her life she's trying to achieve. Generally, our personalities connect and we talk as if we've known each other forever.

Because of this, I've become somewhat attracted to her and started asking myself a few questions.

Would it be weird for me to try and date her IF things keep going the way they are? (age of consent is 16 in my state) I don't just want to F*** her and then never talk to her again. I'm thinking about an actual relationship with her. I'd give her space to let her experience the things high school has to offer. I realize I would get judged as well for seeing her. This being said, what do you think about me dating her?


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  • I think it sounds absolutely disgusting


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