He always leaves me confused?

so I thought he wasn't interested in dating me since he went and dated another girl.

After a month of him dating, I wrote him a short e-mail of how I liked him but since he was dating someone else...I'll see him around. I basically was ready to cut him off but wrote him the email to let him know why.

About 3 or 4 days later, he started keeping up with me Mon-Fri, asking how my day was or how my work is. Fast forward to two months later (now), he asked me if I want to go do something next Friday. So, now I think he's interested in me.

However, due to my lack of dating experience, I can only compare him to guys who tried to date me before. Other guys put in more initiatives like calling me and inviting me to do things. On the other hand, he never calls, has always used text and doesn't contact me during weekends.

So, this makes me wonder if he is really interested in me or is only interested because I made myself too available for him.

We haven't hung out for months since I told him I was going to date other people and then he got a gf. I become detached easily and now I feel like I'm meeting a stranger even though I've known him for over a year and used to hang out all the time.

I confuse myself that's why I need someone else's perspective. Thanks.


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  • I had the same thing happen to me. This guy that I was crazy for and I really liked him. But we use to talk all the time, and hang out. But once I told him I liked him he ignored it and then he vanished and we didn't talk for about a month or two. && I was starting to move on from him. But no such luck, he came back into my life. He had a girlfriend then and I was a little hurt because he was playing games with me and I didn't know that then. But after a week or so she cheated on him and he texted me and we hung out and stuff.

    I never knew what to talk about with him when we texted each other or even hung out. I just knew that I liked him more than anyone else. But He still was playing games with me. So then one night his best friend texted me and we started hanging out and we met up with HIM. That was so awkward. HE kept flirting with me then.

    But now me and him don't even talk. I cut him out of my life. I woke up one morning and finally saw his true colors and knew that me and him would never be together. I was just a rag doll to him. Now his best friend and me are sorda seeing each other.

    But just talk to him about it, and tell him not to play with your heart. && your dating other people so he probably thinks that you won't ever go to him again. But be honest with him and make sure he is honest with you.

  • Just tell him not to play around with you and always be honest. You already know he is dating around so if you do not like it, then kindly turn him down. But you are dating other people as well, so is it worth it to go out with him again? He is probably not calling as much because he has more people to call and it takes a while to get back to you. It sucks, I know. Stop initiating all of the time, and he will come around.

    It all depends on if he is worth it to you or not.