How can I help make my boyfriend more comfortable when we are making out?

Sometimes when we are making out he'll pull away and turn so that his face is in my neck. We talked about it and he says that he's just nervous that he is doing something wrong and he isn't. Is there any way I can help him relax? And would this being both of ours first relationship have anything to do with this?


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  • Rub his back. Maybe just take little breaks and cuddle and compliment him. Be sincere but just let him know how awesome you think he is. A dudes confidence is fragile and a girl he likes can destroy his confidence easily or boost it.

    • Yeah that's what I usually do when he does that and when we were talking about it I kept on telling him that he's doing everything fine and I think it helps usually after he pulls away we'll lay there and cuddle for quite a while afterwards

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  • Grab cock if plulls away squize harder and pull him back


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