Please help! I literally forget how to be single?

About two months ago, I got out of a long relationship. Now it didn't end well, and I know I shouldn't, and have no intentions of rushing into anything. Having said that, I am slowly realizing I forget what it is like to be single...

I am moving to another city in two months and was there visiting last weekend. Just by chance I met another professional in a completly differnt division (as in I would never see him at work), and we really hit off. Constant texts/ phone calls since returning. Due to the fact that I am still a student, up until I move, I told him it would be hard for me to visit up until Thanksgiving when he's really only going to be around for a day. Well today I got a bit of break and some of my exams are pushed back and it turns out I could spend next weekend with him (after telling him i couldn't when we talked yesterday).

We have texted all day and talked about an hour ago, everday since we met. Today he didn't text at all, and hasn't called. I know there is 10000 reasons that this could possibly be fore. He's an anesthiologist and therefore could be tied up at work, maybe he forgot his phone, whatever...

Anyways, should I just leave this? Or should I text and say..." Hey, sorry I imagine your tied up at work, but I just wanted to let you I could work things out for next weekend if your still interested. Let me know if you want"

What do you think? Remember I forget how to do this, the talking part of relationships trying to start something
I should add that I find this guy so amazing its overwhelming. So its hard not to be excited!


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  • Just tell him there have been some changes in the class scheduals and its possable that you could make it for the weekend if he is still gonna be free , and you understand if he has made plans. Add if it's not a good time for him you can gladly wait til he is free. That way he knows your not being pushy or demanding


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  • Yes, message him! life is too short for over thinking. go get your date girl!

  • that sucks


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