Girls, Dating completely broke guy?

As a 21 year old student im completelyyy broke didn't had a girlfriend so far because of some life choices i made. Im not ugly im happy about my looks and i take care of my body i've been training for almost 6 years as bodybuilder. Many girls aproched me and i've turned them down because of other various reasons, now that i am willing to date in my almost 22 i have no experience if a girl is willing to take all this shit just for a guy, and im just damn broke, broke as damn poor. All the money i have i invest it in my food and in my training. You might find it obsessive but it's a life choice and i want to commint my life to this sport. My dream is to compete as a proffesional. I just don't have enought to take a girl out on dates, rastoraunts movies, rides etc.
Would you date a guy who is obssesive with bodybuilding and completely broke to the point that he can't take you out for a cup of coffee cuz i gotta buy that chicken and rice :D.
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  • COMPLETELY broke or just broke because you've allocated your finances already?

    Completely broke would be no.

    I'd be concerned with his money habits. If he can make his bill payments and isn't always going into debt or has terrible money habits and just chooses to spend his extra money on workout stuff that's fine. If he chooses to spend it on workout stuff and has his electricity getting shut off and stuff then that's an entirely different thing.

    • Yeah im pretty much close to being completely broke. I do understand your points and they are perfectly rational and logical.
      But tho my situation is a bit different but yeah i am pretty close to what you described.

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  • I'm not a materialistic person. I don't care about having access to your wallet, but your heart. Okay, enough with the mushy stuff, my answer is yes. Damn, G@g is bringing back the romantic chick back outta me and I don't like it..

  • If you find a girl who's into bodybuilding and ready to support you, she won't mind one bit. :)

    • In my country finding a girl who is into bodybuilding is like a taboo?
      I haven't met a single one in 6 years of training, if i saw one i would probably ask her to marry me on the spot haha jks :D :)

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    • Thanks for the answer well the problem is being asked to go out, and asking me to go out is really a big problem because of the reasons stated. And thus i have to decline the offer and many girls simply put distance to me because of that. But in the end im willing to give up everything to succeed.
      Thank's again for the answer ^^

    • No problem ^_^ you have your head on straight, Good luck!

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