My crush has a girlfriend who lives in New York. He is also a bad ass, rock loving bitch. I really want him to ask me out. What do I do?

I am totally in love with him and have known him for 2 years. We are good friends. I am pretty sure I am NOT in the friend zone. Please help me out here!!! Thanks.
He does know that I like him. We hang out a lot. He flirts back with me but has yet to make a move. Is he just nervous?
I haven't asked him about his girlfriend much lately. In fact, not since last year. He may not even have one anymore.


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  • Are you sure he hasn't friend zoned you? He does have a girlfriend and you have been just friends for quite a long time now. But anyhow, continue to flirt with him and hang out with him if you don't already. You could always be upfront to and tell him you like him. :)


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  • Not much you can do until he's single

  • He has a girlfriend walk the fuck away.

  • Omg please stay away from him.


    • He is seeing someone else.

    • Yes, but he may not be anymore. He used to talk about her all the time and hasn't said a word this year. He may be single again.

  • Can't do much except flirt and hope for the best.


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