Should I add her on Facebook and chat?

Today when I went to check out the cashier noticed me and asked if I remembered her, I didn't and some my head no, and said that I didn't... she said she remembered me from a church I used to go to. I haven't went to that church since I was around 12 or 13, I am now 25. She was all smiles and I smiled as well because as I was waiting in line I was checking her out, and thought she was pretty. She said she doesn't know why she remembers stuff. I got a peak at her name tag right before I paid and add I was leaving I remembered who she was and said it was nice to see you blah blah

I am wondering if I should add her on fb and try to soak something, I am horrible with this kind of stiff even though I have had a couple of girl friends before


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  • Sure go for it. Also, throw her a message.


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