When a guy kisses a girl on the lips after a date is he very interested in her?

I'm curious. Do guys don't really see kissing a girl on the lips after a date as a big deal? Or is it sort of a big deal and a way to say that you are really interested in one girl. I just went on a date with this guy I've known a while now. Last year I went on a date with him that didn't really go anywhere and at the end of it he didn't try to kiss me and we just gave each other a side hug when we said goodnight. Recently he asked me out again and i think we both had a really good time, he told me he had a lot of fun, at the end of the date he really hugged me goodnight and he kissed me on the lips several times. Tonight I asked him if he wanted to hangout again and he said he would but he had to go to another town tonight so he couldn't. I've had a bad experience in the past were I thought I was dating a really nice guy but it ended up he wasn't all that serious about me and was pretty much telling people we weren't dating when we had been for a month, and he was still hanging around his ex girlfriend. That experience has made me cautious about dating and its that, that's made me wonder sometimes if I guy I'm interested in is actaully fully invested in dating just me.


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  • Kiss after first date is the best. IF there is no kiss after first date were not going anywhere.


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