Why don't you guys get it?

Okay so why do loads and loads of guys just keep telling girls that their "hot", "beautiful", "fine", etc. When they know she's in a relationship?

Yeah that's super disrespectful and you're not going to get anywhere so shut the f*ck up!

I mean a guy telling a girl that's his friend that she's pretty or whatever is fine in certain circumstances. Your the girls friend and mean nothing by it.

Random online guys. Go get a life. If your not going to hold up a conversation. Don't talk.

Sorry, today just seemed to annoy me extra bad when some guys do this lol


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  • If they're trying to get with you, then I agree, it is quite disrespectful. However, if it just a compliment (like in ArtistBboy's post), then there's really no harm in it.

    However, you must be aware that this works both ways. I'm something of an antisocial guy with (what I consider to be) average looks, so girls never flirted with me. However, since I have been in a relationship, I've found quite a few girls who regularly flirt with me (and they are all aware that I'm taken). If they're looking to be friendly, then I don't mind. However, if they are trying to get me to change girls, then they need to look for another guy. The same thing applies.


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  • I understand what your talking about- but where is the harm in mentioning a fact? Hear me out.

    ( For those that don't understand... Click this link and read: link )

    A simple statement of "You look good today" is acceptable from my opinion- where it crosses the line, is when the man goes "Damnnnnn chica- you smokinnnnnn! What's your numba"... That sh*t... is flat annoying.

    - Men that have class and respect towards the relationship, but are merely stating their opinion on your appearance, have no harsh intentions towards you OR your significant other. If you're beautiful, your beautiful.

    *Sarcasm* "In the united states there is freedom of speech" *End sarcasm*

    - P.s. Never believe that bullsh*t, you can get in trouble with the law for anything they can make an excuse about. Which is everything, but I won't get into politics here.

    Okay- so now that I have classified what would be offensive or respectful (in my opinion), here are some recommendations:

    1) Remind the man you are in a relationship

    - Often times, men cannot read your mind and don't know if you will take kindly to their approach. They rarely will know ahead of time that you have a relationship

    2) Avoid the jerks or don't acknowledge them

    - They are looking for a reaction from you, stop pleasing them.

    3) Have respect for yourself while expressing your opinion

    - Don't vent "Fuck you! OMG get away from me! GODDDDDDDDD!"... Instead- say "Thank you for the compliment, but this lady is taken." Then walk away. It makes you much more desireable- which increases your man's appreciation of the relationship (Don't ask, it just works like that.)

    4) Take a step back and breathe

    - Was the guy grabbing your ass?

    If yes- coach... no... lecture him out- why that isn't appropriate.

    If no- why is it bothering you so much? Work at overcoming that.

    Best regards,


    • It bothers me because I feel that the guys that do this need to get a reality check. Like why do they feel so special as to still try to hit on someone even if they are in a relationship. I've recieved plenty of respectful compliments on my appearance. When it happens like this though its annoying...

      Guy: Hey

      Girl: Hi

      Guy: You fine

      Girl: ....

      You know what I mean? I mean like randomly say that..when I don't even know you..I think that's just stupid and disrespectful.

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    • Yes I am. Thank you for your answer (:

    • It's my pleasure, thanks for being real and reasonable ^_^. I appreciate it when a woman doesn't take offence to modest honesty- but knows the difference from sleezy approaches. I wish you the best and thank you for the chit-chat.

  • It p*sses us guys off too. My last girlfriend was pretty hot with a petite but curvy body and I'm probably not the best looking dude (pic in profile) so other guys would try to get with her as soon as she was alone with them, even after they knew I was with her (she'd tell me about it right after it would happen).

    • Yeah my boyfriend doesn't like it much either!

    • Personally it's a boost of confidence. I know she is happy in my relationship- so she would shut them down and come to me. It's rather pleasant to watch them dwell in angst about the situation though.

  • It is disrespectful indeed.. I certainly agree with you on that, and I think guys that do that--have no class...

    But it goes both ways also. Lots of women out there try to hook up with men who are already in relationships also.

  • Why do girls assume if 1 male does it... all of them must. No wait.. that's just you and a few of your feminist friends.

    Sorry, today just seemed to annoy me extra bad when some girls do this lol.

    • I never said all guys do it. I just said 'loads and loads' which they do.

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    • You have a funny way of treating people with respect.

    • I only give respect to the ones that deserve it.

  • Sometimes it's just a compliment. Or you can simply ignore it. The real question is, why are you in situations where this happens?

    • Well am I supposed to just stay offline, or not go anywhere? I don't place myself into these situations purposefully.

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