Why do girls always seem to lie?

They either lie or abandon you, either way, it's all the same... they've always got plans, always gotta go, never respond, they all lie to me, all the time. I hate that one girl for saying I'm anything but trash, I really fucking do, because, she was just lying to spare my sanity, but I'm not sane anymore anyway. They all lie to me or ghost me, all the same, all the same


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  • thats unfortunate and id be one of those girls honestly, self pity doesn't look good on anyone and there are better things to do then listen to someone whine. I admit I whine myself sometimes but I dont demand my friends sit around and listen too it. Better things to do, im sorry I hope you cheer up but it sounds like your happy being unhappy so good luck (sometimes the problem is you and not the world... sometimes it really is the world and you have to work with it as you need... grieve and move on)(sometimes it really is just a crummy streak of people though) but it doesn't matter its your choice to waste your time moping excessively ^.^

    • Well, maybe in your magic world where you don't actually feel emotions, it's easy to be as happy as a goddamn Care Bear all the time. Here, in reality, where you can control your emotions and thoughst as well as your fucking heart rate, it's a little difference.

    • I didn't say I was happy and you can be sad but being sad forever just hurts yourself, you can't control them fully but you can influence them if you fake smile genrally it becomes a real one or you stop and adress why it isn't real and try again.. and I feel my emotions very much thank you.

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