If a guy asks you over for dinner then says this?

So me and this guy have known each other for a couple of months and we do pretty much flirt constantly. We were texting last night and he asked me if I wanted to come round for dinner. So I said yes as we have been hinting it to each other for a while. So As he was cooking dinner I offered to bring dessert. to which he said yes. He then said about showing each other our skills. After this it was pretty late so we both said night to each other. The next morning he sent me a message but I didn't see it as I was out for the morning. He then sent me another saying he was sorry for being over bearing about asking me to come over and showing our skills. He said he just wanted dinner and dessert. Does this mean he dowsn't want to have dinner now or is he implying it's just dinner and nothing else?


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  • He didn't want to seem rude or dominant in pushing you to demonstrate your skills. It's not a big deal; you can respond by saying that you were busy this morning and that you love competition. The dinner will go on and see where it leads.

    • Does it mean he still wants to have dinner? Because he said he just 'wanted' dinner not 'wants' dinner.

    • You are reading into the message too much. He still wants to have dinner with you. Unless he says, "I am cancelling," the dinner is still a go.

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  • Well he probably wants dinner and to have sex. But he feels bad and doesn't want to upset you sohes asking for just dinner.

  • I think its just dinner but that could be a ruse to make you feel more comfortable going over

  • Did I miss something? Did you meet up for dinner or what?


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