What do you think she wanted?

This very very hot blonde Polish girl and I used to work for the same company. I would rotate to her location only every once and awhile. She is married, and we became friends. She would literally laugh at like everything I said. Like the second day I was there she wore a short skirt, and her manager a woman said to me "she doesn't always dress like that". So I had some bad things happen to me at work and she emailed me out of the blue one day concerned about me and from there we began emailing somewhat frequently.

So Ieft over three years ago now and we have stayed in touch. Mostly me initating conversations but she would always chat with me over the course of a few days. She would hint at doing lunch with another coworker but it never came to fruiction. One Friday night earlier this year, she emails me out of the blue at like 11PM on a Friday night. The subject was a ";)" and the email was just a link to a funny video about hot girls being crazy. It had her cell number so I started texting with her during the day while at work. Again, basically always me intitating it, but always chatting with me.

So I ask her to lunch and she agrees. She comes and meets me, dressed sexy as hell. Pants super tight all up her butt, sexy black heels, and a white shirt I could see through to a black bra. We had lunch, all she ate was a bagel? We laughed had a great time and both said we should do it again. I walked her to her car and she kind of turned her body away so I could get a good look at her butt and she was like staring at her/me or me looking at her butt in the reflection.

Anyway, we dont talk much anymore, she's always very short with me. Often doesn't really respond. Every once in a while I can get her warmed up and she'll hint at doing lunch, but she's mostly aloof from me.

What do you think is up with her?


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  • Probably made up with her husband

    • Not sure that could be. What do you think she wanted from me?

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