She told me how she feels about me. Should I tell her how I feel?

My friend I've known for almost a year now told me the other day she had a crush on me and thought I was the cutest boy in the world. She said that it just slipped and to keep it between us and that she wasn't supposed to. I asked her if she has or had a crush on me and she never answered my question she changed subject. I asked her again later and she did the same and said can we just forget it ever happened. She doesn't want things to be weird between us. I told her that I never knew she liked me and why she didn't tell me and she said that I didn't talk to her because I was super shy. I told her that I feel the same way about her. And she asked wait so you like me but I never answered I was to scared I changed subject. I really want to just tell her I want to get the wait off my chest. I know she probably don't feel the same and that's okay I've like her since we first talked. I've always had a hunch she liked me but was never sure. I don't know what to do tbh


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  • Well you've got to tell her your sending out completely the wrong message.

    Im actually really annoyed at you like she's sitting there thinking you didn't like her back and your here all confused and need to tell her.


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  • Dude. You should've already asked her out... don't play these little childish mind games.


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