I accidentally sent a snapchat to a girl I've been seeing and I don't know what to do?

So there is this girl i've been talking to, we've been on a few dates and they've gone really well. We've also made out among other things, all going really well.

One of my friends sent me a snapchat asking if I had a girlfriend, and I responded with "girlfriend? kind of" only... I didn't send it to my friend, I sent it to the girl. We haven't made anything official or really even talked about it. I know she likes me.

But she asked me what the snap chat was, I didn't realize that I had sent it to her until then. I told her that I didn't mean to send it to her. She seemed to take it pretty well and used a lot of the smiley emoticons with their tongue sticking out. But she was taking a long time to respond. We are still talking and everything seems to be going well, but I really don't want to scare her away.
I did tell her that I meant it for a friend who was asking if I had a girlfriend and I accidentally sent it to her instead. Other than some long pauses in between responses immediately following, we texted normal for the rest of the night until she went to bed. We were even watching netflix together (we synced our accounts so we could watch at the same time from our separate apartments). So I'm assuming all is well, it's just the cats out of the bag now


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  • Haha
    Well it's done now she took it pretty well - if she is scared away by that then she must not be that into you i. e she does not want to be your girlfriend.

    I honestly think she's interpreted in a good way. It's not like you sent her a picture of your dick or anything.


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  • She was probably happy that you considered her and almost girlfriend and she's probably waiting for you to make it official

  • Then you like her.


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