How do I approach the situation with my guy?

I was seeing this guy at uni but since we have moved home (2hrs apart) we have been messaging everyday & I have visited him.

He pretty much acts like a boyfriend when we are together but he says he doesn't want to be in a relationship because he just got out of one & I'm graduating while he will go bac to

Last night I went out with him & I said I didn't like PDA & he said 'don't worry we aren't a couple' & then when I said people cheat because they get bored in relationships, that's why people should keep it exciting he said 'yeah I get bored easily'

I think I'm reaching my teather with this casual, what-are-we thing & I don't need to be his girlfriend but I need something... How can I approach the situation?


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  • Sounds like he's clear on the "no relationship" thing, and asking for anything other than what he is giving you, will probably make him consider you more hassle than he needs. You don't live near each other, you aren't really friends, just a hook up, I say cut him loose and don't bother with trying to maintain something that isn't rally anything, and if you want easy, look for something closer to home? There's just no point in continuing with something that seems to be causing a problem already.


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  • What do you need?
    Seems like you are a side chick and he's just interested enough to keep seeing you (sorry to be frank).
    If he liked you enough to make you his girlfriend then he's had plenty of chances.

  • You need to just come out and tell him!


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