He doesn't kiss me at all? Is he into me?

I've been dating this guy for the last 3 months and we've known each other for over a year. We started as friends and probably talked 6 times a day for the last year. A day doesn't go by that we dont speak. Things are good, but I noticed he never kisses me not even during sex. I know you're wondering how the hell do we greet each other without kissing? But when we do greet eachother he normally just tackles me down and kisses all over me except my lips. Even during sex there's no lip action. One time and I mean one time he kissed me on my cheek during sex. I just started to notice this one day and was like damn he never kisses me. I believe he tried once or twice when we was friends but i think i pushed him off in a joking way and ever since then nothing. He's a very reserved guy, so getting anything out of him is like pulling teeth, but I'm starting to feel he's not interested in me like that. We also cuddle before and after sex and he doesn't let me leave after. He also begs for me to spend the night and I do. he's 23 and I'm 22. How can I fix this or is it a dead situation?


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  • Maybe he is afraid that If he tries to kiss you on the lips again that you would push him off (because that is what happened in the past) You may need to make that move first and kiss him on the lips and it shows him that you want it, otherwise ask him about it. Just say you are concerned that he doesn't kiss you on the lips and is something wrong?

    He is very much interested in you.


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