What is considered the 'first move'?

guys tend to not respond well to girls making the first move. but what is the first move?

the start of flirting
breaking touch berrier
asking for the others contact info
setting up the first date
going in for the first kiss


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  • I would say setting up for the first date is the first move. The other three options above setting up first date cannot be observed easily.

    • okay... so ill now ask this. there is a boy as my school where we flirt a lot. and he only flirts with me. and at all school events he searches me out and then doesn't leave me side. and he acts like a boyfriend to me. he also shows jealousy to other guys giving me attention. but outside of school stuff we haven't hung out. on on Friday our seats changed and he and i dont sit together anymore so we can't talk in class now. somone need to take a step to push things forward. but im afraid he won't and then it will just die off.

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    • yeah yeah like the studying is just a platform to build a relationship outside of the classroom.
      but thank you for helping me so much. i have guy friends i asked them for help and they told me just sleep with him he would understand then... -_-'

    • Lol, you cannot even get him to talk to you, how the Hell can your guy friends expect you to get him to sleep with you.

      Even if you can get him to sleep with you at this stage, he will become so confused and so do you. Then he will move on to someone else who will make him feel less confused. That would be a disaster.

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