What are the signs that your crush likes you back?

How can i know if my crush has a crush on me as well.


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  • Is he trying to alway be around you? Then he like you!

    • we dont even talk but he stares a lot and loses himself

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    • we have mutual friends and they are mostly girls so i dont trust girls

    • yeah.. I see just talk to his friends and then slowly get to a point where you go up tp their group and its cool... and then just be causal and be like sorry who are you? And then he will say ohhh I am... whatever... and watch him get nervous or ignore you... hahah he so like you...

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  • Obviously flirting, always the first to text you first, makes effort and sometimes plays on your mind.. One minute you will think he does, then you don't. But he does, just some reason he wants to hide it

  • You can never know for sure unless you ask. He will make himself readily available to you though so generally that is the only sign to look for.

  • If he says "I like you too"


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