Ex Posting Pictures of First Date: Trying to incite Jealousy?

What do you think of an ex who goes on a first date and posts lots of photos as the date unravels? Shouldn't they be concentrating on the date and getting to know each other, and not trying to get online approval by posting everything online? Seriously, would you plaster your first meeting with a new date all over social networks sites as your night progressed, especially if you've only just met? Photos maybe, but surely you would post them the morning after? Is this a clever way to get an ex jealous? Is it strange behaviour for someone to do this to a person they've met for the first time?


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  • To me it sounds strange but you do have those people who are just addicted to the media and feel the need to post everything.
    Question is though, did he do the same when you were dating?

    • Good question. No he didn't to that extent. He's going totally over-board. He used to say his FB was his FB and only for him to post. We were in a very long-term relationship and he never allowed me to post on his wall if it was loving. We only did once and his ex kicked off so he told me the love stuff was barred. In fact, he never allowed her to post on his wall when they were together either. I finished with him so I'm wondering if he's trying to make me jealous. He is a narcissist, by the way.

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    • I thought I answered again but can't see my latest comment anymore.. So anyways I'll try again.

      I guess you have your answer then.. It's probably a bit of both.
      But it sounds like you are better off without him anyways. So don't let him get to you! Good luck with the situation!

    • Thank you :)

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