Guys how do you act when your crushing on someone?

Do you take the chance to know them? Or are you mostly all over them physically?


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  • How do I react... hahahahaha not good, often not good at all.
    So if I'm crushing on a girl, a war of contradicting actions and doubts is waged inside my mind, should I talk to her? oh no am I annoying her? I get nervous as hell.

    In the best case scenario: I seem overconfident, or that I talk to much, as I try to use a slight amount of narcissism to hide the fact, that I am nervous as hell! Or I seem like I apologizes to much, because I'm trying not to seem narcissistic!

    However, if I'm crushing on her bad, like holy shit she is way out of my league bad... I try to act normal, but end up being completely taken aback... I'll struggle to keep conversation going, and it will end up seeming like I'm just not into her...
    I'll give you an example, final year of highschool, there was this girl in my chemistry class, she was beautiful, intelligent, strong you name it. I had a massive crush on her! Anyway we are all working on some experiment, she is across the bench from me, and we are sharing equipment. We talk a tiny bit, I never keep the conversation going more than a few lines, as its simply about the experiment or to hand her some flask. Anyway she is talking to her friends and I over hear, long story short, she has a thing for guys with brown eyes, I have brown eyes... I feel a weird mix of happiness, jealously, and fear. I considered teasing her about it or something, but I didn't. Anyway so I'm walking back from the fume cardboard, and she turns to me and asks me for a chemical that I am holding, without speaking I extend the flask and she takes it, we didn't interact again that day... I fully intended to say something but in that moment I couldn't. (I was even to shy to even send her a face book friend request... ugh hides his face in shame)

    (argh I was so shy it was painful, sorry for the rambling hahaha)

    • Act* not react, I didn't even answer you question, sorry didn't see the extra info below, no I take the time to get to know the person, but of course if I'm crushing on a girl its generally also because I find her physically attractive. I would probably not try to mention physical things (if I did it would be in a joking/light flirting sort of way and not all the time), One because a physical relationship alone is not what I want, and secondly because I want to know if we really are compatible with each other.

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  • I get tongue - tied and nervous around my crush. So to disguise my nerves I tend to act too overconfident , and I try to have a joke and laugh with him. I find it difficult to get into a deep Convo with a crush 😖😞


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  • (My crush is also one of my best friends.) I guess that I don't really act differently when AROUND her, but I act differently toward her than I do other people.

    She is a very touchy-feely person, so I reciprocate. I will hug her when she uncomfortable/sad, and as a fare-well. We often poke each other playfully a lot.(I don't do this kind of stuff with other people.)

    (Sometimes she will lean on the shoulder of some of her female friends. I wish she would do that with me, but I don't think she knows I like her, so I think she'd be uncomfortable with it. Pretty much everyone knows/thinks I like her.)


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  • hahah!!! This question!!! hmmm... I did my best to get close to him but he never really liked me! it was one time and he was my childhood crush.


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