Girls, Me and my Bestfriend like the same guy but she lied about him to me for the whole year. What shoud I do?

my best friend has liked this guy since the start of the year but she never told me about it and she said she liked another guy but then a month ago i told her i liked this guy and everything was fine then 2 weeks later she found out he liked her and she told me that she doesn't like him and she would never do that to me

Last night my other friend was commenting on a picture of me and my bestfriend and she was tagging him so i got really mad at her and then she explained that she was tagging him for my bestfriend not me so i asked my bestfriend what was going on and she told me that she liked him from the start of the year but then she liked someone else but when she found out he liked her back she began liking him even more.

But if she had told me from the begining i wouldn't be hurt as much. She is the first peron I fully trusted in years and with my past so called bestfriends I was always left out and i would tell them everything for nothing in return and when i met her I thought she would be different and we could tell eachother anything and it hurts that the past is repeating itself. Should I forgive her or should i ignore her because she broke my trust? Please help me
  • Forgive her and move on
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  • forgive her and make a promise that neither of us will go out with him if there was a chance
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  • ignore her
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  • forgive her and promise that if we had a chance to go out with him we will take the chance
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my other friend was just after telling him that she liked him and they will probably start dating soon


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  • Do you value trust? Yes ! Because if you do and you don't want lose your friend you have to talk to her. Tell her what you didn't like and she can tell you what she didn't like what you did! If you don't work on your issues than how do you plan of fixing them? You can't keep quite!

    • I told her how i felt and she kept on apologizing and i stopped answering her and she kept on saying that its unfair for me to ignore her

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    • i dont know honestly I just feel so hurt because she is way more prettier than me and he likes her back and he knows that she likes him and i really like him

    • Awe don't break my heart... I totally know how that feel... making me cry... Why would you want be with a guy like that? Someone who plays with girls emotions because that what I get the feel for it. You know what it was sucky of your friend but you just can't keep dwelling on this...

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