Is she Flirting?

I am 17 now, and I have been liking this one girl for such along time now about over a year, basically as long as I known her, and like I have told her twice that I liked her and she said both times that she just thinks of me as a friend

but the thing is like when ever we see each other in the halls she smiles at me and I smile back like she has always done that, like even after I told that how I feel. And like when ever I text her like I always put a smile face for some things and she dose the same

also for life the same as when I send her messages on MySpace, but like I don't think she is flirting cause I know how she feels about me, just as friends, but like I never no though because she could always change her mind but if she did I think she would tell me.

what do you guys think? Any one help please

One thing I forgot is that she is my friend to


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  • if a girl tells you they like you as a friend it because they like you as a friend and nothing else... sorry for the harsh word but I do that all the time I smile and I right smilies in all of my texts to my guy friends. and they do it to me too. and if you told her two time and she know she would tell you. but if she really doesn't like you don't waste your time on her! she just missing out on a grreatt guy...

  • she might be playing you a little just for entertaiment,but no she doesn't like yoou

    • Yea but like we should bbe rllly doing that cuase we are friends to

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