I want to get back with my ex , but how?

Okay so I dated my ex for three months yea I know not a long time but he was my first boyfriend and I liked him so much , but he broke up with me cause we were too shy around eachother ( by the way I'm a really positive person I always laugh and I always joke around ) I just didn't want to act stupid around him. 2 weeks later after we broke up we were planing to get back together and something came up and it didn't work out so it ruined our friendship. 1 year passed and we finally became friends agin and I still like him and well we started hanging out and he invited me to his party's and stuff so this specifically party made me wonder or try again to get him back cause he walked me home from the party and we started talking about the past and how we were sorry so he finally took me home gave me a hug and left then later that night he texted me saying hey and asked me if I still liked him and I said that I don't know and he said the same thing and we talked about starting to talk and didn't work out he went after another girl , just like that after he said all these things about how we could be and stuff (he had changed ! He turned into this big fuck boy , I mean I changed too I stopped being shy and I became a complete opposite from what I was before ) so now we kind of have it going at it again ! Every time we talk he flirts and I don't know what to do I'm so confused. Should I go after him? Or do I just try to move on?


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  • If he has become this "F"boy that you stated it would not be in your best interest to get caught up in a relationship with him , if you just want to hang out or hook up that's one thing ; but I wouldn't expect exclusivity with him


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  • Just keep building up the relationship and he'll probably go after you


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