I really like someone but is he a player?

Ok so there is this guy. I meet him on the first day of eighth grade and we talked everyday. On the last day of eighth grade I told him that I liked him and he said that he liked me too. We talked over summer but at the end of summer we kinda lost contact, but I wasn't really upset about that. So at the end of the second month of 9th he got a girlfriend. I regained contact with him while he was dating this girl. And i started to like him again like a lot. When they broke up and We started talking to him even more. At one point he told I'm perfect and called me beautiful and we would send heart and kissy emojis. After 3 weeks of them being broken up ON A Friday AT LUNCH we went to a poetry reading and we held hands and I had my head on his shoulder and when we were walking out these two girls thought we were a couple. I asked him if he ever would want to be a couple because that's what I want and he said that's what he wants too. But somewhere between Friday NIGHT AND Saturday MORNING he got back with his girlfriend. He tells me he still has feelings for me. But I don't know what to do. I still like him and we have been through so much together but I don't want to be his second choice which I feel like I am. And he told my friend that he still liked me and was planning on asking me out on our birthday because we have the same birthday but that's not happening now. Do I forget about him? Do I wait?


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  • I'm a sophomore and I'm kinda in the same boat as u I'm close friends with this guy and we kissed a lot and shit and we confessed we have feelings for eachother yet he has a girlfriend and they broke up buh there back together and me and him isn't that close anymore since they got back together

  • He's an asshole. Forget about him.


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