I am confused, help?

I've been seen a guy (let's call him X), he's 16 (so am i) and he's from my school. X is the type of stuck up bad boy, and most of the time he just talks to me when he wants to make out. I'm ok with it because I really enjoy making out with him. All his friends know that we casually make out, and I wonder if they see me as a whore or smth similar. Anyway, yesterday I went to a party and X was there. When I arrived at the place, his friends was staring at me way too much, specially a cute shy boy friend of his. Me and X kissed, but then he left to go somewhere. And I waited for him, and as he didn't come back, I went to talk to his cute shy friend... and he was so nice to me. He said he didn't know where X was, but he'd look for him. And he did, and sadly didn't find X (cause X left the party and didn't say goodbye!!). And I could see he felt sorry for it. I think I picked the wrong guy, cause his friend seems to be so much nicer than him. What can I do? Does guys care about it, like a bro code?


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  • Do the cute and shy guy a favor and stay away from him, girl that takes kissing so easy are not for him, he deserves better than that in any case.

    • What makes you think I take kissing like that? X was the first guy I've ever kissed. You should not be taking conclusions so fast.

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    • I will snap out of this relationship with the bad boy, it's hurting me inside.. and yes, maybe the shy cute guy deserves someone nicer than me, but I just wanted to try to make it work

    • I see, so I long as you aware of all those things you may try it, but it won't be easy.

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