What's up with me?

I don't know why I act like this, its ridiculous. Its just that when you separate from the one you love, like for the weekend. You miss them... BAD. Time is ticking so slowly, I want to be with him right this secound, I dont know why, but I do. What should I do? Im literally 13, I dunno what the heck is wrong with me. Do you guys ever get this feeling? How do you make it through it?


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  • Alright, well I hate to be the harbinger of bad news.

    If you ask me, I don't know if you truly understand the meaning and the value of the word love due to your age, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and I don't know whether or not the person you are infatuated with, is worth your love.

    There is nothing wrong, wanting to spent every moment of everyday with someone you love, but I will at the very least, give you some advice on my part, on how a good relationship ought to be.

    A good relationship, is based off a fundamental framework of shared belief's, the greater your beliefs, the better the relationship.

    continue an effort into finding people who share the way you see the world, and who would want to share the world with you for you.

    Anything else is futile waste of effort, in the context of general relationship's, especially romantic one's.


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  • its called being 13.
    ur just going through all these crazy emotional things, thats all. nothing is wrong with you. you just gotta try and find something else to focus on. hang out with a friend or something. but enjoy that feeling ur having at the same time :)


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